December 5, 2022

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Nokia wins lawsuit: Oppo and OnePlus sales banned in Germany

Nokia wins lawsuit: Oppo and OnePlus sales banned in Germany

Nokia has in Germany A lawsuit against smartphone company Oppo Beat the patent infringement. Oppo uses Nokia’s patented technologies, without paying for them. The court has now issued a sales ban on Oppo and OnePlus devices.

It relates to several patents on communication technologies, user interfaces, and security. Nokia has sued Oppo for 30 violations in Germany. Oppo, in turn, has sued Nokia for infringing 14 5G patents in Germany and China, and has asked a court in the Netherlands to initiate invalidation proceedings, which may declare the patents unfairly granted.

Nokia won the lawsuit in Germany mid-June alreadyOppo has resumed. He is now doomed again in favor of Nokia. According to the court, Nokia acted impartially, and Oppo rejected several proposals from Nokia. Oppo has now been found guilty of using patented technologies without obtaining a license to do so.

The legal battle between Oppo and Nokia has been going on since last year. More data will be released later this month and early next month.

Landgericht Mannheim in Germany, where the trial took place

JUVE patent

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