December 7, 2022

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North Korea launches "surface-to-air missiles" again |  Standard

North Korea launches “surface-to-air missiles” again | Standard

The South Korean military said North Korea fired six more “surface-to-air” missiles toward the Yellow Sea and the Japanese Sea on Wednesday. It happens after seventeen shells were fired earlier in the day.

Pyongyang fired six more projectiles on Wednesday afternoon, believed to contain surface-to-air missiles. The projectiles flew toward the Sea of ​​Japan from Sundok and Sinpo, and toward the Yellow Sea from Quill and Onshun.

North Korea fired 17 shells earlier today. The South Korean military reported that a ballistic missile fell within close proximity to South Korea’s territorial waters. The missile landed 26 km south of the so-called Northern Border Line. This is the de facto maritime border between North and South Korea, which is not recognized by Pyongyang.

According to the South Korean military, North Korea has fired 100 times with artillery into a sea buffer zone in the Sea of ​​Japan. The buffer zone was created in 2018 to reduce tensions along the border.

official warning

In response, South Korean warplanes earlier fired three missiles north of the NLL at a distance equal to the area where the North Korean missile landed. “The precision military strike demonstrates our will to respond forcefully to all North Korean provocations, including short-range ballistic missiles, and our ability and willingness to accurately attack the enemy,” the statement said.

South Korea has sent an official warning to North Korea, demanding that all provocations stop immediately, according to the South Korean News Agency. Yonhap. “North Korea’s missile launch is unusual and unacceptable,” Seoul said.

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Then the South Korean authorities called on the residents of Ulleungdo Island off the east coast to get themselves to safety. In a state television warning of an air strike, residents were told to “evacuate to the nearest underground shelter.” According to the news agency YonhapRelying on defensive sources, a missile is directed to the island before landing on the high seas.