November 30, 2022

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Northwest is going into a broader range of e-health

Northwest is going into a broader range of e-health

There are already hundreds of e-health applications in the Netherlands. With the Hospitality Digital Hospital Program, Nordwest wants to accelerate the digitization of care delivery. So there are more and more digital options for patients, which they can or cannot choose. All of this digitization is necessary, because the national trend is that the demand for healthcare is increasing and the number of healthcare professionals available is decreasing sharply.

The challenge of spreading e-health is to provide more care to more patients, with fewer people. And that, of course, while maintaining quality, accessibility and affordability. Noordwest is actually building its future through digitization and is literally doing so by revamping Den Helder and Alkmaar.

home monitoring

Noordwest enhances e-health offering to its patients. First, with Luscii selected as a home monitoring supplier. In home monitoring, patients send data about their health via a smartphone or tablet by completing questionnaires and subjective measurements. As a result, patients no longer have to attend a consultation hour periodically, but report if monitoring gives a reason to do so. In the fall of 2022, home monitoring at Nordwest will already be available for the first group of chronic patients.

Choosing Luscii Noordwest gives the necessary peace of mind during this digitization process. According to those involved in the market, Luscii distinguishes itself with a wide range of care pathways for most conditions for which home monitoring offers a solution. Measurement data sent by patients will soon appear immediately in a patient file at Noordwest, which will reduce administrative work for health care staff.

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The decision helps the Northwest

Within the Northwest, ‘decision making together’ is an important topic. There are pros and cons to each treatment. Many of PatientPlus’ online decision aids can help people think about treatment in a focused way and provide more ideas about treatment options in, for example, colorectal cancer treatment. With the help of decision making, they receive specific advice by filling out a questionnaire specifically directed at their disease. The best treatment for the patient depends on the personal situation and the decision-making methods help in this decision. This ultimately facilitates the conversation in the consultation room for the patient and the clinician and provides tools to actually “make a decision together”.


In order to be able to use these decision-making tools more efficiently, a completely new integration was made between PatientPlus’ online decision-making tools and the Noordwest electronic patient profile. On the website We can read van Noordwest: “In a far-reaching collaboration with PatientPlus and ChipSoft, a new integration has now been established between online decision-making and HiX, the EPD in which Noordwest operates. The direct integration into the EPD is an important step forward in enhancing decision-making.” Shared and expanded use of online decision aids in Northwest.Decision aids are easier to use because completed decision aids end up automatically in the patient’s medical file.

Virtual Fracture Care App

Another important Noordwest eHealth application is the launch of the Noordwest Emergency Department and Trauma Team with the Virtual Fracture Care app. Previously, a number of hospitals preceded the Northwest Region. He. She Neg Smiling For example, I actually started using this approach in June 2022. With this method and the accompanying app, patients with an uncomplicated bone fracture or other stable injury can do exercises at home and work on their recovery. This way they no longer have to come to the hospital for a medical examination. Information is provided largely via the app, as are publications. If you have any questions or if you experience symptoms of an alert, you can always contact us via the specially prepared “Breakline”.