December 8, 2022

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Gustav Iden

Norway’s Gustav Eden breaks competition record in Hawaii, Vandendriessche 37 and first Belgian | Ironman Hawaii

Gustav Eden went about 11 minutes faster than the last time in Hawaii. Three years ago, German Jan Frodino won in 7 hours 51 minutes 13 seconds.

The record is now running also in the name of Iden. The Norwegian completed the marathon in 2 hours 36 minutes 15 seconds. In 2016, German Patrick Lange ran 42.195 km in 2 hours 39 45 minutes.

Eden also made the difference in the marathon. After 28 km he left compatriot and Olympic champion Christian Blumenfelt behind.

To regroup leader Sam Laidlaw (with a pat on the back) 6km off the line and win in Hawaii. Laidlow came in second, while Blummenfelt was third.

Sam Laidlaw, the first player to win since Luke van Lerde in 1996, had taken the helm. The 23-year-old trio didn’t shy away from major action in the ocean and biked with Australian Max Newman.

The English-born Frenchman also set a record. With 4 hours 4 minutes and 36 seconds he rotated the fastest time on the tables. Faster than Ineos man Wurf in 2018 (4u09’06”).

  1. Gustav Eden (no) – at 7:40’24”
  2. Sam Laidlow (Fra) – 1’59”
  3. Christian Blumenfelt (No) – 2’59”
  4. Max Newman (Australia) – 4’19”
  5. Joe Skipper (Great Britain) – 13’40”
  6. Sebastian Kinley (Germany) – 15’15”
  7. Lyon Chevalier (France) – 15’28”
  8. Magnus Detlev (Den) – 16’13”
  9. Clement Mignon (France) – 16’33”
  10. Patrick Lange (Germany) – 17’55”
  11. Cameron Whorf (Australia) – 20’26”

Kenneth Vandendriessche was 37th (at 54’31 inches), and Pieter Heemeryck gave up with backache.

He succeeds Iden Blummenfelt on the honor roll at the Ironman World Championships. Earlier this year, the Norwegian won the postponed 2021 edition (not in Hawaii, but in St. George’s).

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