July 21, 2024

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Not everyone’s friend: ‘It’s amazing how Patrick Lefevre stands behind his drivers’ |  Vive Le Velo

Not everyone’s friend: ‘It’s amazing how Patrick Lefevre stands behind his drivers’ | Vive Le Velo

Yves Lambert Friend and foe – and himself – are stunned at the opening time trial (in yellow at the top) and Fabio Jacobsen He won his first chance in the sprint race in his first round. Celebration by Patrick Lefevre.

Yesterday joined Brian Holm, Sports Director Quick Step – Alpha Vinyl, at the table in Vive le Vélo. He was in a perfect position to paint a portrait of Lefevere. “Who is Patrick to me? Smart and then special,” it seems candid about the man who has led a team for more than 40 years. “Still there.”

“You can always call Patrick, he always answers. For example, if something’s in the papers, you can call him and he’s always quiet.”

What Holm thinks is most important: “He’s always one hundred percent for his team. Even if you don’t win, you have his confidence.”

He is always the patron of his knights, summarizes the presenter Karl Vanneukerek. That’s why he may not always tolerate criticism well. Thijs Zonneveld can attest to this. The Dutch columnist is not the best friend of the Belgian director. “Not for him, but I just say what I think and what I see. And sometimes he finds that very difficult.”

“But I also thought our Twitter chats were so sweet and funny. I think it’s a shame he’s no longer on Twitter. I had to laugh so hard at his video after Lambert won on Instagram. I can enjoy it.”

“Patrick Lefevre is a very important character. He plays a leading role in cycling in the books.”

Yan Bakilants led the command to Lefevre. “We also quarreled,” admits the rider. “But it’s normal with Patrick. I love it. It’s black and white, which I put myself together. It’s not alibi, but straightforward. I can handle this style very well.”

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The story of Jacobsen – who roamed between life and death two years ago after a heavy fall in Poland – is very typical of Lefevre, says Bakilants: “Patrick is the one behind his drivers. When I broke my back in AG2R, I could have fixed all the mess on my own.”

“While Patrick was the first to call and make sure there was a private jet to fly to Jacobsen’s parents. A whole plan was made right away, and there was no rush to go back.”

Backplants explains Lefevere’s reasoning: “I just signed again for two years, and I know I might not get anything as ROI, but it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to set you back.”

“In principle, your salary can be halved after 3 months and you can get unemployment benefits after 6 months. There was absolutely no doubt about that. I’m so impressed about Patrick.”

“And it wasn’t just with Jacobsen, but also with the de Plus and Vakok accident in South Africa. That’s always been the case and I think that’s great.”

Zonneveld thinks Lefevere sometimes goes too far. “He worked hard for Jacobsen, but maybe even too hard. Like when he called Groenwegen a killer on Twitter. I understand where he’s coming from, but sometimes it’s just too much.”

On the other hand, Lefevere also finds drivers that no longer exist. Just think of Mark Cavendish, who won four stages at the Tour last year. Sonnefeld admits that “Cavendish and Jacobsen are at his expense.”