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Not three, but four presenters at De Warmste Week, Siska Schoeters also gets a show: You should know this

Not three, but four presenters at De Warmste Week, Siska Schoeters also gets a show: You should know this

From Monday 19 December, De Warmste Week will take place at the Stadspark in Hasselt. It is the first time that the largest solidarity action from Flanders has gone to Limburg. This year, De Warmste Week deals with the fight against deprivation.

Who submits?

The choice fell on the votes of StuBru Fien Germijns (27) and Eva De Roo (34) and their MNM colleagues Sander Gillis (30) and Kawtar Ehlalouch (25). Together they make non-stop radio for six days on Studio Brussels, MNM and VRT MAX from Het Warmste Huis in Hasselt. They live, work and sleep there during the entire event and send reporters Robin Keyaert and Joris Brys across Flanders to collect stories.

What business will you perform?

There is no warm week without live music. Goldband, Regi, Niels Destadsbader, Bart Peeters, Ilsen & Verhulst, Bazart, Metejoor, and Black Box Revelation, among others, will be performing live this year. Also there will be Oscar Wolf, who will also headline Rock Werchter next year. You can attend every concert for free.

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© Boumedienne Belbachir

Freight bike from Ostend to Hasselt

Ketnetwrapper Héritier caught fire alongside Tournée Héritier. He turns a cargo bike into a mobile DJ booth and uses it to paddle out to the Ketnetters who are setting up an event. To thank them, he plays the pictures. Héritier starts his tour on Ostend Beach and hopes to make it to Hasselt on the last day of De Warmste Week with a cargo bike full of stories.

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The hottest week on TV

During De Warmste week there will be a telecast with Siska Schoeters on One and VRT MAX every evening around 10.15pm. Together with a central guest, she looks back on the best moments of the day. Each day the show gets a name of the day, starting with De Warmste Monday.

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© Vrt – Jokko

One’s other programs are also dedicated to De Warmste Week. Enter Christel Verbeke Flame against poverty Consider the impact of poverty on someone’s life. In two episodes apiece, on Mondays and Thursdays, I spoke to about a hundred people. Both with people in the middle of it, but also with neighbors, colleagues, friends and social workers.

There will be an episode of it on Wednesday, December 21st dare to ask About people who are homeless or homeless. in the exam converts Famous Flemish people Aster Nziemana, Catherine de Roycher, Jonas Gernert, Anabet Ampovu and Thibalt Christiansen give their best to collect as much money as possible.

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Five and a marathon

In the final week, there are five warm-ups (running in circles or walking to raise money) on the program. On Monday December 19th Stephanie Planckart will launch the first strike in Bruges. Sint Niklas will play Sara Muhamo on Tuesday, Brussels with Matthias Vergils on Wednesday and Mechelen with Dieter Koppens on Thursday. On Friday, Maksim Stojanac closed out the heat in Leuven.

Support the warmest week yourself

Of course you can also support the charity yourself by requesting photos. In addition, it is still possible to run campaigns to raise money, buy flames and register for one of the five Warathons. The closing show takes place on Christmas Eve between 5 and 6 pm. Last year, De Warmste Week raised €3,203,455.

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