March 30, 2023

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Nothing on the phone (1), Videoland virus and Emotet

Nothing on the phone (1), Videoland virus and Emotet

Daily Loves Android Planet You are always up to date with all the news from the world of Android. Couldn’t keep up with everything last week? Then this is your overview. Based on the most important Android news, we will update you again.

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Samsung no longer releases Galaxy S22 FE

according to Sammobile at Samsung Not with the Galaxy S22 FE this year. They learn this from “multiple sources”. There’s a good chance there will be no FE models at all in the future. With this said, Samsung would have “only” released such a device twice: S20 FE And the S21 p. With previous Fan Edition phones, many rumors, leaks, and renders surfaced long before the announcement. Now, nearly four months after the release of the S22, there is no trace of the Galaxy S22 FE. There were rumors about S22 FE . chip, but that seems less likely now. In addition to, Sammobile Searching for any traces of S22 FE.

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See: this is the Nothing Phone (1) See: this is the Nothing Phone (1)


design none phone (1) Nothing has been officially announced by the manufacturer. The back of the machine can be seen on the invitation to an event on July 12. Three guesses about the product we’re going to talk about during this Back to instinctThe event will be heard more. It is, of course, related to the Phone (1) itself, the first smartphone from the manufacturer. Nothing Phone (1) will have a transparent design a look† This means that a number of internal parts of the device are visible from the outside. For example, we see the technology that makes wireless charging possible and the device has all kinds of neatly hidden screws.

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Videoland launches a new app: you need to know

Video Country Version 2

Videoland will inform users of the new application via email. Instead of modifying the existing app, “Videoland V2” can now be found on the Play Store. It is unknown why the decision was made to launch a new app instead of an update. Android Planet This question was asked to RTL, but has yet to receive an answer. The email states that the old Videoland app can no longer be used once you have moved. Videoland V2 has a new look and also introduces many new navigation elements. Videoland also warns that the various functions of the first version of the application are not yet available in the new version.

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This is the Motorola Moto G42: an all-new budget phone for €209

Motorola Moto G 42

The Moto G42 It is the latest budget smartphone from Motorola and the successor to Moto G41† the phone beginning of July Available in the Netherlands at a suggested retail price of €209† You’ll then get the entry model with 64GB of storage, which is a bit tricky in 2022. Thankfully, Motorola is also releasing a 128GB version for €229† Looks like the new Moto G52 in many ways Moto G52, which was recently offered for sale in the Netherlands. For example, the device also has an OLED screen, which provides beautiful images. OLED makes colors brighter, blacks are really black and the screen is more energy efficient. The screen size is 6.4 inches, so it’s not particularly big, but it’s not small either.

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Emotet Dangerous Malware Attacks Chrome Users’ Credit Cards

emote malware

Emotet is back. This time, a dangerous malware virus targets credit card information from Google Chromeusers. Emotet is distributed via email messages. Malware creators massively send emails to potential victims with documents attached. Victims are encouraged to access these documents. Once this happens, Emotet will install itself. Then the malware also tries to infect other devices in the network, such as your (other) smartphone, tablet, or computer. This scam method is known as phishing† Criminals send emails, WhatsApp messages or text messages to victims that contain an attachment or link to a fake website.

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