December 4, 2022

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Noticeable interest in dementia this week - world news from your area

Noticeable interest in dementia this week – world news from your area


This week a lot of interest in dementia in Schouwen-Duiveland. Healthcare provider Eilandzorg delivered a full-service Gasthuiskerk, as 23-year-old nurse Teun Toebes gave an inspiring speech about how people with dementia should be treated. He himself has been living in a closed nursing ward for two and a half years trying to understand dementia. Despite his young age, he is now an authority in the field.

Elandzorg called him because the caregiver, he said, had embarked on an “adventure” by making the enclosed wards less enclosed. It gives residents more space to move around and benefits people. Don’t go without a fight. But Toebes was enthusiastic about it and urged Eilandzorg to continue on the chosen path.

Odensehuis in Zierikzee (the meeting place for people and partners facing dementia) has provided virtual glasses to a large number of interested parties. With these glasses, you step into the skin of a person with dementia, as it were. An emotional experience for many of the participants. “Everyone with dementia in the area should put those glasses on at some point,” reads one response.

Dementia glasses is a virtual reality simulation training developed by Into D’mentia in collaboration with Trimbos Institute. Dementia glasses consist of a 360-degree simulation movie on virtual reality glasses and an online training course (e-learning). The movie allows you to put yourself in the shoes of someone with dementia.

This makes it possible to experience what people with dementia experience in everyday situations and how the environment responds to them. The accompanying e-learning provides information and exercises, giving the film additional depth. The purpose of dementia glasses is to increase understanding of a person with dementia.

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Starting in January, the IntoDmentia Foundation and Experience Dementia will be introducing an all-new version of their existing dementia glasses. In the past six months, Into D’mentia has worked hard to achieve this in collaboration with a number of healthcare organizations, and from September this new production will be used in these institutions. After a short period of use in practice, the VR interactive dementia simulator will replace the current dementia glasses. The new production features interaction input, making the experience more intense.

This way the user steps into the skin of the person with dementia. Going shopping becomes a chore, not to mention making coffee. Is one birthday too many and do you see the person losing parts of his or her life? Suddenly a daughter appears, sometimes helplessly watching while the person with dementia is lost. Odensehuis wants to put dementia on the map with this.

A participant wears glasses and experiences the life of a person with dementia.