February 6, 2023

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NPO: Reports of unwanted behavior on six broadcasters

NPO: Reports of unwanted behavior on six broadcasters

Six public broadcasters have reported to the NPO that undesirable behavior has been reported within their organization. These are reports from the past three years, says Frederic Levlange, president of the NPO.

Levlange did not provide any other details. “We don’t announce it,” she told the ANP news agency. “Confidentiality and anonymity are of paramount importance here.” She confirms that a recent report on infringing behavior behind the scenes in VPRO Villa da Musica He is one of them.

VPro . Made Announced early this month Music Documentary Villa da Musica Withdrawal due to a tweet about infringing behavior from an executive who worked on previous music documentaries being referenced. The tweet was from an editor/host. The unwanted behavior happened decades ago.

Major broadcasters KRO-NCRV and AVROTROS say that no unwanted behavior has been reported with them. A spokesperson for Omroep MAX did not want to give ANP a response and BNNVARA and EO said they were unable to comment directly.

“Requires an external hotline”

Last month, the NPO chief asked all broadcasters in a message about cases of sexual and other aggressive behavior known to them and what actions were taken next. The nonprofit organization (NPO) has explained to journalists all the options available, from confidential advisors and reporting centers to complaints committees.

Because in some cases it’s about people who no longer work for broadcasters, Levlang says it’s important to have an outside hotline. “Now we want to take this step together. We want to do it at the sector level with public broadcasting at least, and maybe also with Talpa and RTL,” said the chairman.

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