February 5, 2023

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NPO Start becomes a display option next to the TV

NPO Start becomes a display option next to the TV

NPO Start wants to become a generic alternative to other major streaming services. “It should be more in the beats of watching, and an option in addition to the regular TV channels,” says Mizen Danawy.

Introduced NPO Start Manager and NPO Plus newly Plan for the next year. Where initially it was a viewing archive (Uitzender Gemist), it is now developing into a full-fledged channel along with internet and television. With special programming.

Danawi says there will be more unique press productions. “We’ll see if we pointer from the Internet to broadcast and discuss this with other editors as well.” In addition, there will be more fiction and reality (such as #fuss or Au Pairs VIPs) and non-television documentaries. “Last year, we’ve taken a good look at what’s possible besides television with our lineal colleagues. Based on the overall mission, we start with the story and the audience. We look at the target groups we reach linearly, which flows, and how we can bridge the gaps between them.”

Only success stories My father is a fortune seekerAnd the Smartest Person: All Stars And the Omari. no nonsense. “We learned there that some formats work well for derivative productions. At All Stars, for example, we thought it was best to show them live over the weekend. We learned from Salma Al-Omari that you can create very specific stories for specific audience groups. The broadcast remains New, so we’ll keep trying. We’ve also learned that if you stream a lot at home, behavioral patterns emerge, which Start can then respond to.

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Every week 2.5 million people turn to NPO Start. Until the halo, the group of viewers from 20 to 34 years prevailed. Since the outbreak of the virus, however, the aforementioned group, viewers up to around the age of 60, have been regularly using the public streaming service. People had plenty of time and were looking for new or surprising viewing material.

In the coming period, Al-Danawi and his team will mainly focus on further improving the technology. “The viewing experience and usability should be improved.” This also means more options for customization. The first signs of this renewal should appear at the end of this year or early 2023.

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