July 12, 2024

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Official: Match between KV Mechelen and KRC Genk postponed, Pro League adjusts Corona rules

Official: Match between KV Mechelen and KRC Genk postponed, Pro League adjusts Corona rules

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The match between KRC Genk and KV Mechelen has been postponed. The new rules of the Pro League allow this. A proposal was drawn up to ease the Corona protocols and approved by the clubs. The match at OHL Stadium is still a 5-0 loss to Malinoa, but the club can still try to challenge that.

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KV’s problem revolved around his guards. It saw first-choice goalkeeper Gaitan Cook and substitute goalkeeper Maxime Weensens both exits with Corona last week and thought he could get a delay against Ohio Lovin. After all, the Pro League allowed it once two goalkeepers were injured. Only these two goalkeepers should be on the club’s so-called A-team size list. And in this case, being 21, Wenssens was on the B team size list. Delaying against OHL turned out to be impossible by the rules. No exception was allowed and in the end KV – to make a statement – confiscation.

The PFL recognized that a rule change was necessary and the board met on Tuesday. A proposal was drawn up and approved also in the afternoon by the plenary meeting, where it does not matter at all whether the goalkeeper is on List A or List B. As long as one of the injured is the one with the most minutes or the one who has scored Last match, it can now get postponed. Also for field players, there is no longer a distinction between List A and List B. So it will be easier for clubs to reach seven injured players, which is necessary for the postponement. Although the standard remains with field players they must have achieved 30 percent of their minutes of play.

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Rules in place at the right time

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The question was whether the new rules would come into effect in time for KV Mechelen to postpone the match against Genk. In principle yes, because changing the Supreme Council of the Football Association is a formality, it seems. Which turned out to be the case later in the day. The match in OHL, in which she did not appear, will remain a losing streak for the time being. KV can still To knock on the door of the disciplinary committee for this and try to get a case out of it.

It is important to know that the Pro League has eliminated some other rules. For example, from the penultimate day of the match (match day 33), it will not be possible to request a postponement. This is also not allowed in playoff matches and the Croquet Cup.