March 28, 2023

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OH Leuven zet promovendus Westerlo opzij en komt na zes op zes voorlopig aan de leiding

OH Leuven puts doctoral student Westerlo aside and takes the lead right now after six out of six

At King Power Stadium, we had a duel between two winners on the first day of play. In a match full of carelessness, cunning OH Leuven beat Westerlo 2-0, which was just a shadow of the game against Circle Brugge. Thorstenson scored in the thirteenth minute. Holzhauser decided the fate of the visiting team from the penalty spot, which Berdichisi lost in the penalty phase with a red card.

Mark Press made one change to the team that started against KV Kortrijk on opening day. Portuguese Joao Gamboa gave way to Christian Malinov. His teammate Jonas de Roek gave confidence to the same eleven who started the match against Cercle Brugge. Prior to the game, Captain Matthew Mertens was honored in his 150th game for the Ohio Lovin jersey.

It was Westerlo’s first ten minutes. The visitors put a lot of pressure on them and OH Leuven had trouble playing football. This resulted in sloppy passes from behind for the people of Leuven. From which the doctoral student could not make enough profit. Westerlo has regularly appeared in the box, but the follow-up certainly left something to be desired. Lots of superfluous and superfluous crosses and a free man not found. There was a moment of excitement after a duel between Thomas van den Kepas and Moussa Tamari near the visiting goal line. Referee Brent Steisens said there was no problem with that. Just before the opening quarter, Sinan Polat made a mistake. A shot from Tamari on the edge of the penalty area right at the feet of Icelandic winger Jon Dagor Thorstensson, who did not fail from close range, kicked the ball high into the roof of the goal. His attempt against KV Kortrijk failed on the ball. This time keep the word and hit the mark.

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Westerlo looked a little. Although, in the middle of the first half, the passionate Erdon Dachi reached the top of the bar. After that the speed stopped and there was only a buzz of a penalty or not by Maxime de Kuiper. Television images showed a connection between de Kuiper and Tamari, but the stage happened behind the back line anyway. Referee Brent Stacies rightly did not flinch. In the 41st minute, Kian Weisen went wide of the goal. This was immediately the latest achievement of the 21-year-old striker. He stayed in the locker room after the break and Lyle Foster appeared.

Westerlo had to chase, but it was the home team that created the first danger in the second half. Young striker Nachon Nsenge missed a Mertens cross and Rafael Holzhauser’s attempt to the extreme was issued by Van den Keppus, whose attempt on the other side met the same fate. Nsingi’s shot went wide and Perdichizzi’s header lacked accuracy. The same Perdichizzi later crept into the role of Schlemiel. He defended too lax on the break through Nsingi and unfortunately fell. On his dive he touched the ball with his hand and referee Staessens drew a ruthless red. To make matters worse, the ball went on point. Up Holzhauser Alley that sent Bulat into the wrong corner. Close your book. OH Leuven is taking the lead right now. Westerlo lost the duo De Cuyper and Daci (they were carried away on a stretcher) in the final stage due to an injury.