February 1, 2023

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Old iPhone? This way you can breathe new life into the device

After a few years of use, your phone has had its best time and it’s time for a new one. what Do you With your old iPhone? Throwing them away is a waste and selling may not be the right choice either. We list 5 apps for your old smartphone.

Disclaimer: When your iPhone is a little older, it may not come with security updates. If you continue to use the device, this may involve safety risks. Without new security updates, your device is easier to hack and more vulnerable to malware. Is your old smartphone no longer receiving security updates? It is wise to hand the device in for recycling.

5 uses for your old iPhone

#1 remote control

Is your TV remote control broken, missing or blank? You can easily use your old iPhone as a remote control. This way you can go easy while using the apps you want on your new phone. For example, use an app like Universal remote control for smart tv.

Apple stops signing iOS 12.2
The notch on the iPhone X (photo: Apple)

#2 Your smartphone is a great voice recorder

Sometimes you want to record a phone call. For example, because you are afraid of forgetting important details of the conversation or because you want proof of certain agreements. While there are apps to record a phone conversation (often with a subscription), it’s easy enough to use your old smartphone as a voice recorder.

#3 Art on your iPhone

How cool is it to turn your old smartphone (and other old devices) into art?! For example, separate parts and put them next to each other in a list. If needed, you can first put a coat of paint on it and voila, you have something to enjoy for years to come. Anyway, OMT Editor Sabine’s priority is to transform her old Apple Watch and iPhone into a beautiful, whimsical work of art.

iPhone SE 2 iPhone 8 Apple
Click/tap to enlarge. (Photo: Pexels/Pedro Sandrini)

#4 Your iPhone as a wireless trackpad

With the Unified Remote app, you can turn your old smartphone into a wireless trackpad for your computer. Pressing once uses the left mouse button, pressing twice uses the right mouse button. Scrolling is done by dragging with two fingers and there are many other options. You can also easily adjust your computer’s volume and easily control audiovisual content from your smartphone.

Unified Remote can be downloaded for free at android And iOS.

#5 Old smartphone as a media player

If you connect your existing smartphone to the speakers and Spotify With it on, you won’t be watching uninterrupted YouTube or TikTok videos in between. Want the music to keep going while you scroll through other apps? Then use your old smartphone as a media player. You can still use your new device to change the number, as long as you do it on the same Wi-Fi network.

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Give your old iPhone a new life with these 5 apps

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