February 9, 2023

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Older people want a frequent corona hit, young people are less enthusiastic |  throwing

Older people want a frequent corona hit, young people are less enthusiastic | throwing

ANP Productions | source: AP

The Hague

Many elderly people want to receive a new vaccination against the Corona virus. There is much less enthusiasm among the youth. The new vaccination campaign begins on Monday. The repeated shot should help protect people in the event of a new corona wave emerging in the fall or winter.

Kieskompas conducted an ANP and LocalFocus survey between August 31 and September 12 among about 9,000 people. Of those eligible for a repeat vaccine, 58.9 percent will be vaccinated “certainly” or “probably.” Furthermore, 32.2 percent decided for themselves that they “definitely won’t be vaccinated” or “maybe not” get vaccinated this time. These are people who were previously vaccinated, and so can now receive the repeat shot. The remaining 8.9% do not know yet.

Among those over 65, 80.9 percent want revaccination. This is much lower in the 50-64 year old group. There, 59.6 percent want the repeat shot. The rate is 48.4 percent between 35 to 49 years old and 45.8 percent between 18 to 34 years old. In previous vaccination rounds, uptake was also highest among the elderly and lowest among young adults.

100 vaccination sites

The vaccination round begins with people most at risk of getting seriously ill with corona infection. They were also given priority. These, for example, are elderly people and people with Down syndrome. People who work in healthcare also get their turn early, to prevent healthcare from getting bogged down in a new wave.

There are about a hundred vaccination sites scattered across the country. They are located in central places, where several people can be vaccinated in a short time and are fairly easily accessible.


When the masses pass, some areas of GGD want to switch to smaller sites to vaccinate people who have not previously come to the injection site. Gelderland-Zuid, for example, says, “When the campaign comes under pressure, we will also deploy staff again to start vaccination on a mobile basis.” Zeeland wants to “take a tour of the various village houses and other sites” later in the fall to vaccinate Zeeland. Hollands Maiden has “mobile vaccination teams”. These people “bring vaccinations to health care residents and immobile home residents so they don’t have to come to our sites.”

Other areas focus mainly on information. For example, Noord- en Oost-Gelderland wants to approach “hard-to-reach groups” in “neighborhoods where the vaccination rate lags”. GGD Amsterdam also wants to “be in neighborhoods in places where we reach many people who have lower vaccination coverage”. Drenthe suggests that general practitioners can provide additional information in areas “where it appears that the willingness to vaccinate is lower.” Gelderland-Midden itself provides information “for vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, low-literacy and non-native speakers”, in order to increase preparedness for vaccination.

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