July 24, 2024

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Olga Lairs and her fiancé Giancarlo Angeletti reopen the Grand Café Capital at the Stadspark Bauer Bar Capitale (Antwerp)

Olga Lairs and her fiancé Giancarlo Angeletti reopen the Grand Café Capital at the Stadspark Bauer Bar Capitale (Antwerp)

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Actress Olga Lairs and her fiancé, with Italian roots, Giancarlo Angeletti, are delving into the hospitality industry. Baran Capitale opens at the Stadspark on Friday. This is the new Italian interpretation of Grand Café Capital, which has been closed since Corona period.

Rebecca Van Remortery

New life in City Park. The catering wing there has reopened after a long period of closure since the onset of Corona. But in a completely new way. BV couple Olga Lairs and Giancarlo Angeletti decided to work on the building to turn it into their own Italian dream business. The owners have remained the same with Anthony Van Isacker and his wife, Meredith.

“Giancarlo has completely set the menu himself, he cooks with his recipes. This is the cuisine that Giancarlo has said he has wanted to serve for thirty years. He can now make it happen himself,” says Olga.

Therefore, Italian specialties are already the order of the day. “We go for a delicious sandwich lunch, an Italian-style appetizer with small plates like authentic bruschetta with a delicious Italian brew. In the evenings, there are different types of pasta and the music will also be completely to our taste.

Giancarlo himself will not cook, and Olga will not be involved in this either. He works with Italian chefs in this field. “In the meantime, he is very busy with VIER, Antwerp’s clothing store on Kammenstraat. He did it first with a partner and now alone. I also work with him. We will soon launch a women’s collection. We will often find ourselves at Bar Capitale.”

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The two especially like to get creative together. “We work very well together. We also design the interior. Completely in the Giancarlo style with many pink and gold prints. Everything is very interesting.”

It’s Olga and Giancarlo’s first time moving into the hospitality industry. “We are glad that this is possible here in the heart of Antwerp. We also live in Antwerp ourselves,” says Olga.

Bar Capitale is open from Wednesday to Sunday with a continuous kitchen. Below the restaurant is Club Capitale. Nothing changes in this concept.