December 6, 2022

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Omroep Flevoland - News - Model Railroad Club should make way for homes

Omroep Flevoland – News – Model Railroad Club should make way for homes

The De Vrienden model railway club in Almer Boyten has to make way for starter homes. Housing association Ymere will completely renovate the building on C. van Eesterenplein. The small thrift store must also move out of the building.

The building was previously a health center. When it became vacant, the Railroad Club and pop-up thrift store were allowed to use it for free temporarily. The model railway club was offered a new location in Almerestad, but turned down the offer. According to members, the space there is very small and parking costs are very high.

Ymere has changed the orientation of the building in C. van Eesterenplein. According to a spokesperson, there is an urgent need for new starter homes in Almere. There will be six to seven independent homes. This means that residents share a number of facilities.

The railway club model may have been discontinued
“A black scenario looms large for our club,” said Paul Buchern, who fears the model railway club with its 20 members is now being disbanded. Ymere has not offered a new location for its pop-up thrift store, because the store is not viable, according to the housing foundation.

This news comes from reporter Roseanne Middlehuis. This year focused in particular on the news from Almere for Omroep Flevoland and 1 Almere

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