September 22, 2023

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Omroep Flevoland - News - Restaurant forced to close: Energy costs too high

Omroep Flevoland – News – Restaurant forced to close: Energy costs too high

Onze Kas restaurant in Lelystad will be forced to close for a few months from Tuesday 1 November. Heating the room with only glass walls has become very expensive. It is also possible to stay overnight and still be possible.

Owner Patrick Cook sees no other choice. “In terms of electricity, we were at 2,000 euros before the energy crisis. I think we’ll go to 8,000 euros. We’re also heating with stoves that require pellets. Those costs have gone up from 450 to 1,000 euros.”

Also, there are many plants in the vitreous space. “They are all houseplants that need a certain temperature,” Cook explains. “Even if we open our doors three days a week, that means you have to heat the greenhouse all week. That’s why the entire greenhouse is closed. We put the plants in a separate room so we only have to heat them.”

Corona and the energy crisis
Greenhouse plans originated at Groene Velden in Lelystad in 2017. The opening was in July 2020. After two difficult years from Corona, where the company has just fallen between two chairs in terms of government support, there is now an energy crisis. With temporary closure of the restaurant as a result, regular customers disappointed. Someone says, “This is awful.” “I feel so sorry for everyone in the food industry that this is happening to them. It’s a nice thing, wouldn’t you want to use it also in the fall and winter? I think it’s a shame.”

Kok wants to reopen the catering facility in the spring. The owner is investigating whether the solar panels can save 70 percent of their energy consumption.

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