November 29, 2023

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Omroep Flevoland - Sport - Nearly 1,000 cyclists at NCK on FlevOnice

Omroep Flevoland – Sport – Nearly 1,000 cyclists at NCK on FlevOnice

Nearly 1,000 participants started on Saturday from the former synthetic ice rink FlevOnice in Biddinghuizen for the Dutch Cycling Club Championships. The event was canceled last year due to Corona. Because of the relaxation, the organization did not stand in the way this time.

The event was held in Dronten in previous years. This time a new site was chosen with a new course. Robert van Plattering of the organization: “We miss the convenience of the Dronten Center here, but we have space here at FlevOnice! We are also pleased with the approach from the public being allowed to come again.”

Cycling enthusiasts from all over the country in different age groups began in quick succession to try the time. One of the participants in Flevoland was Friso van Vliet from Zeewolde. He rode a 14-kilometer time trial with his team from Wielervereniging Eemland from Amersfoort. “It went well,” says Friso van Vliet. “It was a course with many bends at first, but then it went on nice long distances down the slope.” “It was familiar territory to me, because I’ve also skied here in the past.”

FlevOnice has been well received by the organization as a staging site. But it is uncertain whether the event will return here next year. Van Platteringen: “We haven’t decided yet. We are also looking at other possibilities, because Flevoland is big. We are not connected to Dronten, maybe there is also a good starting and ending location in Lelystad. The fact that the Benelux tour linked to Lelystad, also plays a role in our selection.”

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