July 21, 2024

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On the way to the lowest ever Premier League rating: Man United’s appalling season by the numbers

On the way to the lowest ever Premier League rating: Man United’s appalling season by the numbers

These are not good times to be a Manchester United fan. With two games remaining, the club is heading towards its worst ever season in the Premier League. While there was still hope in coach Erik ten Hag’s first year, it has now all but collapsed. A look at their dramatic season in single digits.

“Manchester United is one of the worst-coached teams in the Premier League. They defend like a team I’ve never seen on the pitch before.”

This is what Jamie Carragher (former Liverpool player) criticized on Sky Sports in February after a painful home loss to Fulham.

Anyone who was expecting improvement at the time has been disappointed: since that game, ManU have achieved a paltry 10/30 and are camped out in a disappointing eighth place.

If they stay there, it will be a negative record low. Not the only thing, by the way.

Received 82 goals

United’s defense has already proven to be as leaky as a basket this year.

This season they have conceded the most goals in their club’s history across all competitions in 53 years: 82. And the end is now near.

The most disastrous example of their defensive weakness occurred in London. Against Chelsea, the Reds took a 2-3 lead in the last minute, and everyone had already written a win for Manchester.

Until suddenly they gave up on her completely. Cole Palmer torched Stamford Bridge with two goals to complete the final turnaround.

4-3 and the books, looked like the story of the season for Manu.

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14 defeats in the English Premier League

You can sometimes lose when you visit Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Manchester City. It is difficult to explain the home defeat against mid-table teams such as Fulham, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth.

They have already fallen out of the top 14 this season in the Premier League. Another record with an “improvement” of two losses.

In all competitions, the loss to Arsenal was their ninth home defeat. They have never lost more at home to Old Trafford in a single season.

Furthermore, United have not been able to control matches throughout an entire season.

Erik ten Hag is a coach who starts from possession. It is worth noting that this year they have the lowest average percentage of ball possession since the start of measurements.

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European football seems like a distant dream

Champions League anthem? It is stored again somewhere deep in a dusty cupboard at Old Trafford.

As things stand, it looks like they’re headed to a European holiday on the red side of Manchester. They currently occupy position 8, with the last European ticket waiting for them in position 6.

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As for the Conference League, they won’t be too keen on that in Manchester either.

What’s even more painful is that Ten Hag has been allowed to shop for more than €470 (!) million in the transfer market in the last two seasons. Only Chelsea and Tottenham spent more.

€64m for one goal: Mason Mount was one of many (expensive) summer transfers.

With competitive matches against Newcastle and Brighton, Ten Hag will have to do everything he can to avoid further negative records.

Manchester United have lost all three of their past matches against Newcastle without being able to score a goal themselves. swallow.

However, it will be a season to forget for the English record champion. Maybe the FA Cup could add some color to a gray year?

The sad statistics behind Manchester United’s season:

  • – Most goals conceded in one season in 53 years in all competitions: 82
  • Most defeats ever in the Premier League: 14
  • On the way to their lowest ever Premier League ranking: eighth place
  • On their way to the fewest points ever in the Premier League (58 points in the 21-22 season) – with two games remaining, Manchester United have 54 points
  • In 2024, they allowed 317 shots – more than any other team in the Premier League. That’s an average of more than 18 shots per game.