December 1, 2022

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One in three still has symptoms 6-12 months after contracting COVID-19

One in three still has symptoms 6-12 months after contracting COVID-19

Survey among 152,000 people in Denmark pointing to Nearly a third of people infected with the Corona virus are still suffering from it after half a year to a year. A very large group of people who did not end up in hospital were followed for longer than in previous studies, according to scientists at Statens Serum Institut SSI. searchwhich has not yet been tested by other scientists, took place between September 2020 and April 2021, that is, before the omikron variant appeared.

Women in particular seem to suffer from the long-term effects. The most common long-term symptoms are loss of smell and taste, and fatigue. Of the 152,000 surveyed, at least 61,000 were infected. Of the latter group, 30 percent still had physical complaints, 6 to 12 months after injury. More than half say they suffer from mental and physical exhaustion, sleep problems and cognitive disorders such as forgetfulness. Depression was also more common in this group than in unaffected subjects.

According to one of the researchers, epidemiologist Anders Peter Heved, the consequences should be taken into account in the new policy that will be developed. A British scientist who was not involved in the study described the findings as “really alarming”. He explains that if the omicron had the same results, it could lead to a serious crisis due to the large number of people affected by it. opposite Reuters

copy picture: Mark Grant Jones