December 3, 2023

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One of the advantages of “extreme transformation” is that there is a shortage, not a surplus

One of the advantages of “extreme transformation” is that there is a shortage, not a surplus

For convenience, let me divide the population into two groups: those who complain of an ingrown toenail and those who suffer from a different kind of problem, such as losing your legs in a port accident and seeing death as the only way out. Just because the latter group is in the minority doesn’t mean you should ignore the people who fall under it.

Flanders extreme makeover For that reason, it has a right to exist, no matter how cheap emo TV with James Cook as a self-baptized knight in the order of benefactors sometimes gets. It’s originally an American concept, which explains why bombast trumps subtlety in every episode, but you’ve got to hand it to the creators: Extreme arrangements He has a big heart.

It’s a charity pitched as a (re)building programme, where dozens of people roll up their sleeves each week to help a loved one make progress. After Kevin was run over by a large machine in a work accident, resulting in the amputation of both of his legs, the Capeline resident spent his time in a rehabilitation center.

Kevin is a single father, and since his work accident, he only has his two daughters for two to three hours a week. He said that if they were not there, life would have no meaning. I saw someone whose smile was stolen from him, but he remains a fighter despite the fog he sees when he conjures a vision of the future.

What followed was an episode in which friends and colleagues relived memories and spoke repeatedly about the impact the accident had on Kevin’s life. Meanwhile, work was also being done on his home, so that he could return to a wheelchair-friendly home after twelve months in the clinic.

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An elevator was installed, while James Cook asked passersby about their expectations. “You might shed a tear,” suspected Kevin’s former mother-in-law. The broadcaster replied: “And what do we like to see on TV?” This interaction lasted no more than ten seconds Extreme arrangements Perfect together: You’d have to be pretty rotten on the inside not to get sick of this.

James Cook is a lot of fun on this show, in all his raucous silliness. It feels like an episode like that Extreme arrangements Experts put in long hours, have the allure of a kitchen towel, and once you know the life story of the central person, you’ll want to skip three quarters to see the end result.

You may also be wondering how all this is funded, and whether a TV show is necessary to help those who need it. But hey, it’s good Extreme arrangements There is a shortage, not a surplus.

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