February 5, 2023

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One of the worst Marvel series opening numbers ever: 'Ms.  Marvel's off to a bad start on Disney+ |  showbiz

One of the worst Marvel series opening numbers ever: ‘Ms. Marvel’s off to a bad start on Disney+ | showbiz

“Brilliant, playful, charming.” When ‘Mrs. Marvel’ was launched at the beginning of June on streaming service Disney+, the new series was praised by the national and international press. The film was directed in part by our compatriots Adel and Bilal. But ratings still seem to be lagging a bit. In the first five days.” Marvel hosts only 775,000 families. This may not sound bad, but the Marvel series is usually much better on Disney+. In fact, there is only one Marvel series that has been worse than Mr. Marvel’: ‘What If’ could only attract 281,000 families. Although it must be said that only the figures of the first day in this series have been preserved. So the five-day total may be even higher.

These are the ratings for other Marvel Studios series

“What if…?” – 281,000 (first day only)

“Hawk” – 1.5 million

‘Wandavision’ – 1.6 million

Hawk and the Winter Soldier – 1.8 million

“Moon Night” – 1.8 million

That numbers for “Miss”. That Marvel being so low might have something to do with timing. During the series’ appearance on Disney+, the brand new “Obi-Wan Kenobi” was also launched. The long-awaited “Star Wars” series could count on 2.14 million viewers in its first five days. There was also plenty to experience on other streaming services during the same period. For example, on Netflix, the new season of “Stranger Things” was released, which immediately broke a record. According to trade magazine Variety, subscribers watched a total of 287 million hours of the series in its first weekend.

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While it’s not all bad news for ‘Ms. Marvel’. As mentioned, critics are very positive, but the series has also succeeded in attracting a young and diverse audience. For example, ‘Samba TV’ reported that there weren’t quite as many people who They are between 20 and 24 years old watching the Marvel series and the series is also doing well with African American, Latin American and Asian families.