February 6, 2023

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OnePlus 11 spotted in new live photos

Having previously seen OnePlus 11 renders and images, now it’s our turn to pick up the next photos of the new smartphone. We see OnePlus 11 in real life.

OnePlus 11

If there’s one device we’ve heard a lot about, it’s the OnePlus 11. Now it’s no different. The manufacturer released the lion and it was caught by the cameras. This means that we will see more from OnePlus 11. The new smartphone will be On the 7th of February Announced for the European market, the brand has already announced. However, the release for China is expected soon.

In the images, we see the OnePlus 11 with a different skin than the OxygenOS layer we know here. In China, OnePlus ships its devices with ColorOS 13, which we already know about Oppo. Since the two skins are more or less fused, you shouldn’t notice much difference. However, in China, the phones don’t come with Google services, so there will definitely be differences here and there. The smartphone will be released in green and black colors, although exclusive colors will also appear, perhaps only for China. A distinctive feature of the manufacturer’s new smartphone is the circular camera module.

OnePlus 11 photos

We’ll hear all the details from OnePlus soon. Of course DroidApp will keep you updated with all the news related to OnePlus 11.

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