December 4, 2022

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Only 1 in 10 Flemish employees never work overtime |  interior

Only 1 in 10 Flemish employees never work overtime | interior

Nearly half of Flemings work overtime each week, up to 10% of the daily fare. This is the conclusion of a survey of 1000 employees. Note: For one in five employees, a manager has no idea how many overtime hours they work.

Still answering work emails late at night? Or busy on weekends to complete a task? You’re not alone. Almost half of Flemish white-collar workers (46%) last a working week on average about 4 hours longer than the planned 38 or 40 hours. Only 9% should not work overtime. This is evidenced by a study conducted by iVox commissioned by Protime, the market leader in, among other things, time recording and work planning.

Those who work from home for at least half the week are more likely to work overtime (50%) than those who work in the office every day (39%). “Many employees consider commuting time to be work time,” says Lode Godderis, professor of occupational medicine at KU Leuven. “We also see that many employees build greater flexibility in their working day at home, for example to pick up their children from school. They try (more than) to compensate for this by working longer in the evenings. Finally, we also see that working from home blurs out. The line between work and private life, which makes it even more difficult to finish the workday at home.”

For those who occasionally do overtime, barely half (52%) of managers know how many hours they work. For more than a quarter of respondents (26%), a manager knows that overtime often works, but not when or for how long. For another 22%, the supervisor has absolutely no idea about this.

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