November 30, 2022

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Only a quarter of the trains run on Tuesdays

Only a quarter of the trains run on Tuesdays

If you go to work or school by train, it is better to provide an alternative on Tuesday. NMBS says that due to a nationwide measure in public services, only a quarter of the trains will be running.

Due to the National Public Service Work Day, announced by unions, train traffic will be seriously disrupted from Monday, May 30 at 10pm until Tuesday, May 31. The railways said in a statement that NMBS regrets the inconvenience caused to its passengers.

In order to reduce this as much as possible, an alternative train service has been developed based on employees who have indicated that they will work. Travelers can refer to these from Monday morning via the NMBS online travel planner, via the app or website.

Alternative train service means that from Monday at 10 p.m. until Tuesday, May 31, a quarter of the trains will be running. From IC trains, that is, trains between major cities, one train in three runs. In addition, one in five suburban S and L trains also operates.

Most P trains do not run. These are the trains that only operate during morning and evening rush hours.

There are no trains in the provinces of Liege, Luxembourg and Namur. This is because there are not enough personnel available in the Infrabel signal boxes in this region. This also means that IC trains crossing these counties will be limited. The IC train Oostende-Eupen, for example, only runs between Ostend and Leuven. There will also be few or no trains at a number of other stations in the country. NMBS advises all concerned travelers to work from home if possible or to seek an alternative.

Elsewhere in the country, signal boxes will operate normally and can ensure safe traffic, allowing for an alternative train service.

As of the morning of Wednesday, June 1, train traffic will return to normal.

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