June 5, 2023

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Only one member state of the eurozone has a bigger budget deficit than Belgium

Only one member state of the eurozone has a bigger budget deficit than Belgium

The European Commission has shared economic forecasts for this year and the next two years. In it, he also sheds light on the budget figures of the eurozone member states. This shows that Belgium is the second worst student in the European class.

Why is this important?

European governments have taken various measures over the past two years to combat the Corona crisis. They didn’t have much time to catch their breath, soon after the emergence of the energy crisis, which still grips the continent to this day. It is true that Belgium has never been very good at keeping a budget order. In the past, our country ended up in the European penalty area.

news: The European Commission published forecasts for the European economy. Among other things, it warns of Recession in the fourth quarter. The Commission also reviewed the budget figures of the member states in the euro area.

  • According to this analysis, the budget deficit will occur in our country This year, it increased by 5.2 percent. The European Commission cites an automatic wage index. “High government costs – paying civil servants’ wages

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