July 22, 2024

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“Open standard transparency rules give space to advisors.”

“Open standard transparency rules give space to advisors.”

The open standard provided by Active Commission Transparency gives advisors the space to implement transparency requirements in their firms.

Joeri van Looij (pictured), Head of Communications at Adfiz, writes on his website. “Adfiz’s roadshows on commission transparency were well attended. Over 600 consultants attended the information meetings and not only had lots of questions, but also provided a good picture of the wide variation in ideas and views on how different consulting firms implement transparency requirements in their firms The freedom to optimally integrate transparency into your existing working style was an important argument in favor Chosen wording in law”.

Enforceable legislation

Van Looij: “We have always worked hard to develop enforceable legislation. By this we mean legislation that allows each office to shape transparency in a way that suits the office’s working methods and current communication with its clients. This legislation is now in place, which makes all kinds of models possible. Such as the option to put it on the quote just before closing but also the option to give an indication of the expected amount if you want to have a conversation with your client before actually starting the work.

Contact customers

“As an office, you can also change this depending on the specific client contact,” Van Looij wrote. “For example, it was mentioned several times along the way that a conversation in the office has a very different dynamic than the familiar email request or urgent phone call before your customer wants to get into his just-purchased car at the dealership. The latter situation also explained that The “quote solution”, although effective in many situations, is not always possible In addition, you risk customers suddenly asking questions about your costs and what you do for them when you receive a quote if you rely too heavily on transparency in your quote.

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Big win

Van Looij: “In short, advisors, clients and situations are different. That is why it is very important that it is not always precise, but that advisors have the space to arrange it in a way that suits their working styles and their clients. This can be done in different ways and this is a big advantage. The general advice is to think “In how you want to organize that for your office and record the choices you make in policy, we are a model for that.”

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