March 25, 2023

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Open Vld doesn't want to hear about Congo reparations |  the interior

Open Vld doesn’t want to hear about Congo reparations | the interior

If it depends on Open Vld then there can be no reparations from our country to Congo for bad crimes during the colonial period. This was stated by Representative Jasper Bellin on Thursday during the weekly hour of questioning in Parliament. Guillaume Devosset of alliance partner Ecolo seemed to hint, though he noted that the reforms “can’t just be financial”.

King Philip’s expressions of regret during his official visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo were the subject of a series of questions for the government in the House of Representatives Thursday afternoon. Remarkably, Open Vld was clearly opposed to potential compensation.

Vlaams Belang and N-VA have taken the same position before. Jasper Bellen of the Flemish Liberals said: “Belgians today have no debts from the past and cannot pay for the past.” “There can be no question of compensation for us.” According to Belin, there are enough topics on which our country can support the Congo.

Opposition members Kurt Ravits (Vlaams Belang) and Thomas Ruggemann (Northern Virginia) indicated that within the majority there are factions that want to move forward, referring to the Green Party. In his intervention, MP Ecolo Defossé already spoke of “necessary and essential reforms”, although his response stated that the reforms could also be non-financial.

In his response, Deputy Prime Minister George Gilkinet (Ekolo) on behalf of Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo confirmed that the Congolese were not asking for an official apology. Most of all they want us to write a new chapter together and look to the future. “To write this new chapter together, it is important that we come to terms with the past. In this context, the king’s words must be understood.”

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