February 4, 2023

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Open Vld supports the new temporary reduction of VAT to 6% for catering services |  Corona virus what you need to know

Open Vld supports the new temporary reduction of VAT to 6% for catering services | Corona virus what you need to know

The ruling party Open Vld supports the request from the catering sector to grant a new temporary reduction of value-added tax to 6% in the context of the new Corona measures. That’s what Deputy Prime Minister Vincent van Quekenborn (Open Vld) said Sunday at VTM NIEUWS.



employment Advisory Committee On Friday, it was decided to limit the number of people per table in catering establishments to a maximum of six. At the moment, only seats at the table are allowed, and perhaps most importantly, opening hours will be limited from 5am to 11pm.

Immediately after the advisory committee, the three restaurant associations already held consultations with Finance Minister Vincent van Bettieghem (CD&V) on additional support measures. The unions argued, among other things, for a temporary reduction in value-added tax. Earlier in the Corona crisis, the value-added tax rate had already been lowered to 6%.

“If it is up to Open Vld, we would support that request with a temporary reduction to 6%,” Deputy Prime Minister Van Queckenborn said on Sunday. “There will be consultations with the sector again this week, after which the government will decide. If the Flemish government also takes support measures, we can have the catering industry through this difficult period.”

Watch the full conversation with Minister Van Queckenborn at VTM NIEUWS here:

On Friday, the relevant minister van Bettieghem said he already intends to give the sector additional oxygen again. “That’s why, of course, we are also looking at what is needed in the coming period with the sector,” it seemed. Horeca Vlaanderen CEO Matthias de Calloy and his industry colleagues have put on the table their “Food Industry Plan”: “A plan backed by accounts, with ten specific questions to support the federal government. For example, a number of additions such as the crisis of bridging bridges between correct and temporary unemployment, as well as Temporary reduction of value-added tax and intervention in the end-of-year premium.

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Vincent van Quekenborn (Open Vld). © VTM News