July 23, 2024

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Optimized access to vaccinations through vaccination facilities in GGDs

Optimized access to vaccinations through vaccination facilities in GGDs

Vaccination is one of the most effective preventive measures against infectious diseases, whether for an individual or for society. However, various reports show that no health gains have been achieved because the Dutch vaccination system is complex and does not work adequately everywhere. To simplify the system, all programmatic vaccinations for adults (not yet) (influenza, pneumococcal, coronavirus, shingles) can be accommodated through GGDs in the vaccination facility. On behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, RIVM, GGD GHOR Nederland and 25 regional GGDs Implementation testing has been performed To draw what is needed for this purpose. Refers to the Ministry of Health, Social Care and Sport A number of points of interest will need to be further elaborated in the near future before the new government can take a decision to establish a vaccination facility in the GGDs.

Ambition GGD GHOR Netherlands

Due to the decline in the vaccination rate and increased distrust of vaccination, infectious diseases have become more likely. That’s why it’s so important to make vaccination information more accessible and accessible. It is not always clear to citizens where vaccination is being offered, experience is fragmented and data is stored in different places.
GGDs have the ambition to pool their knowledge and information and implement vaccinations at the vaccination facility. In this way we guarantee:

  • Clear, accessible and reliable information about vaccinations for GGD residents in their area.
  • Strengthen cooperation with healthcare partners and local authorities, so that vaccination care is organized as optimally as possible.
  • Easy access to programmatic and individual vaccinations (eg, vaccinations for medically vulnerable groups or travelers) in the region. A more integrated and efficient approach to vaccination programs also makes it possible to respond quickly and efficiently during health crises.
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GGDs have years of knowledge and experience in vaccination care. From implementing and monitoring large-scale vaccination campaigns against COVID-19 and HPV to informing and managing individual vaccinations. In addition, GGDs have experience in reaching different target groups, including vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups. In this way, GGDs reduce health disparities.

Implementation testing shows that GGDs are ready to take on this important role. Now is the time to set up an adult vaccination facility at global vaccination centres, which will allow us to work more effectively to protect people from infectious diseases. If adults can make a well-informed choice about vaccination based on the right information, they can also use this information when choosing whether or not to vaccinate their (future) children. Vaccination remains the best intervention against diseases such as Corona, measles, mumps and whooping cough and to protect the vulnerable against influenza or shingles, for example.