December 5, 2022

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Orange is again on top: the yellow jersey is Voss fastest in the sprint in Rosheim |  Tour de France 2022

Orange is again on top: the yellow jersey is Voss fastest in the sprint in Rosheim | Tour de France 2022

Before the start of a tough climbing weekend, the runners may have had one last chance at the Women’s Tour de France. But it was going up and down from start to finish. This stage was seen rather as a prelude to what the contestants will present tomorrow and Sunday.

Yesterday it looked almost good for a couple of early breakouts, but today’s breakout may have been more likely. That flight took some time, but after 38 kilometers, 14 passengers escaped. Among others, Jesse Vandenbolke, Kristen Magirus, and Audrey Cordon Ragot were present. Team UAE ADQ and Valcar Travel & Service didn’t have a rider in the lead group, so they had to work really hard. The fugitives never got more than 1’30”.

Rating riders can try something before a tough weekend ends. On Mulkirch Road, going up the extra seconds, Grace Brown wanted to make a fuss with an attack. But after the summit, it all came back together.

Going down, things weren’t going well for Lotte Kubiki and Lorena Webbs. The two riders fell and remained seated. Our compatriot was able to go on and later made contact with the peloton. Wiebes had to chase after with a bloodied elbow. The Dutch will not be able to run for her victory in the third stage.

On her last indexed climb, the Côte de Porsche, Marie-Lee Knit is separated from her fellow refugees. The French knight dreamed of achieving victory in her country, but this did not count on Elaine Van Dyck. In runner Elisa Balsamo’s job, she made it difficult for Le Net. Later Also caught an FDJ rider.

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Ranking Knights left it up to runners to claim the leading role. Lotte Kubicki was in good shape and seemed to score an all-out winning goal. Our compatriot could not run because she was closed. Marianne Voss showed off her yellow jersey for the race to win at Rosheim. Marta Bastianelli took second place and Kubicki had to be satisfied with third place.

Marianne Voss can make wonderful characters. We have 6 stages behind us and the Dutch have never finished outside the top five.

“It was another tough ride. Fortunately, as a team, we were in a good position because we had a rider among the fleeing.”

“My teammates made sure I was well ahead, off the wind and that the speed always stayed high.”

“I was in Elaine van Dijk’s hurry and then came the Samo and Longo Borghini, and I felt like I had more speed and luckily that was enough.”