July 19, 2024

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Organic solar panels extract the same amount of energy from the sun as regular solar panels

Organic solar panels extract the same amount of energy from the sun as regular solar panels

Scientists have developed organic solar panels (OPV) that achieve up to 20 percent efficiency. This is a new record. The solar panels are equal to many commercial silicon solar panels.

Organic solar panels use carbon-containing compounds to convert light into electricity. The advantages of organic solar panels are their flexibility, light weight, cost-effective production through printing techniques, and their lower environmental impact.

However, disadvantages typically include their lower efficiency and shorter lifespan compared to traditional silicon solar panels. Materials may also be more sensitive to degradation due to exposure to light, oxygen, and moisture.

Efficiency is getting better and better

Now you can remove that low efficiency from your list of disadvantages. Earlier this year, scientists from Hong Kong successfully developed OPVs with an efficiency of 19.9 percent. It appears from study Which recently appeared in the journal Nature Communications.

according to TechXplore Scientists have now achieved higher efficiencies. For about a decade, scientists have been making it happen Only half.

Also suitable for your backpack

This could mean that OPVs will soon become interesting enough to enter the market. Organic solar cells have various applications due to their flexibility and lightweight nature.

For example, they can be used in wearable electronics such as solar panels embedded in clothing and backpacks. They are also suitable for flexible displays and as solar chargers for small devices.

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