December 2, 2022

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Ostend puts McLean's back against the wall in the basketball final |  Basketball

Ostend puts McLean’s back against the wall in the basketball final | Basketball

Ostend has won one 11th consecutive title. The coastal team won the third match against Mechelen in the title final on Wednesday evening.

  1. 10 pm 17. Ostend puts the finishing touches on i. After Monday night’s defeat at Mechelen, Ostend responded on the field. The defending champion was again a bit too big for a kangaroo in Game Three of the title final: 86-69. Ostend immediately hit the throttle hard for her people. Americans Booth and Randolph were on time this time around and pushed their team to a 20-point lead in the first half: 50-30. Kangaroo ascended in the second half. The visitors won the third and fourth quarters by a narrow margin, but adult Ostend did not allow Michelin into the match. On Friday evening, Kangaroos and Ostend will face each other for the fourth time in this final, and then again at Mechelen. If the visitors win, the eleventh title in a row is a reality. If Mechelen can play exciting games again in front of her fans, a decisive duel will follow in Ostend on Sunday. †
  2. 22 hours 16. Watch the match 3 match report between Ostend and Mechelen.

    Watch match 3 match report between Ostend and Michelin

  3. 10:15pm Ostend – Mechelen 86-69 (Rest: 50-30). Quarterly: 26-18, 24-12, 18-20, 18-19 Best scorers Ostend: Booth 21, Randolph 18, Bratanovic 11 Top scorers Michelin: Stevens 17, Broodor 14, Alston 13.
  4. 22 hours 14.
  5. 25-05-2022.
  6. 23 hours 44. Kangaroo summary Michelin – Ostend 84-74.

    Michelin Kangaroo Summary – Ostend 84-74

  7. 22 hours 26.
  8. It’s 10 p.m. 05. The kangaroo pops up. The kangaroo bounced off Micklin in the second game. After pimping on Saturday at Ostend (103-60), they called for shots. The match in Winketkaai ended with a score of 84-74, and after two final matches the score was 1-1. Thanks to co-stars Loubry and Alston, Mechelen Ostend immediately put his back against the wall. The defending champion kept keeping the opponent in sight in the first half, in the first half it was 43-38, but in the third quarter, the coastal team fell (27-14). Ostend’s last attack (14-22) was no longer successful. The third final will take place on Wednesday in Ostend. The first to win three times is the Belgian champion. & nbsp; †
  9. 9 p.m. 55. Mechelen – Ostend 84-74. Quarterly: 26-16, 17-22, 27-14, 14-22 Top scorers Maclean: 24 Lobury 21 Alston Junior 18 Palinex Top scorers Ostend: 16 Booth Lii 12 Conger 11 Troisfontaines.
  10. 9 p.m. 52
  11. 23-05-2022.
  12. 12 noon 25. A comprehensive summary of the first final match.

    A comprehensive summary of the first final match

  13. 22-05-2022.
  14. 11 p.m. 36. We make mistakes in bad times. This has to do with the experience. I saw a little sharpness with us. Fortunately, the score was only 1-0 for Ostend. We don’t want to be outdone 3 times. The two will show a different face. Michelin coach Christoph Michaels.
  15. 11 PM 31. We’re playing a great game. Everyone played well, but we shouldn’t celebrate too early. Keye van der Vuurst from Ostend.
  16. 10:15 p.m. Ostend beats McLean in match one. Defending champion Ostend immediately set the tone for the first game of the Belgian basketball final. He scored more than 100 points against rival Kanjaros Michelin with a score of 103-60. The coastal team took the lead from the start and forced the visitors to chase. After the first quarter, Ostend led 26-18 and in the first half the scoreboard at Versluys Dome showed a score of 54-34 in favor of the champion. Even after the break, Dario Gergega’s team continued to dominate. He was allowed to enter the last quarter with a difference of 24 points (76-52). Micklin was against the board and only scored 8 points. On Monday evening, kangaroos can try it out in their home. †
  17. 22 hours 10.
  18. 10 p.m. 05. Ostend – Mechelen 103-60. Quarterly: 26-18, 28-16, 22-18, 27-8 Ostend’s Top Scorers: 20 Randolph 14 Gillet 14 Conger Top Scorers Mechelen: 16 Palinckx 09 Stephens 09 Loubry.
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  20. 4 pm 09.
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