December 8, 2023

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Ostend travels seven hours to half the match: Forfait over...

Ostend travels seven hours to half the match: Forfait over…

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Cup holders Ostend qualified for the quarter-finals in impressive fashion. After the break, there was no resumption of the Complain-Ostend match, the eighth final of the Belgian Cup, due to the “dangerous situation on the ground”.

Peter Russell

At Comblain-au-Port on Ourthe there was a prestige match on the bill on Saturday night. 400 places in the All-Sports Hall were sold out for three weeks because the leader of Top Division Men Two – the third division – acquired the country’s most popular club, Ostend.

Mailleux Comblain received a reward of ten points for differing two series. Ostend residents had no problem erasing this backlog. After one quarter it was already 24-30, the first half 37-64. But by that time, most of the players of both teams had already fallen back several times. The high condensation on the linoleum floor made it very slippery and therefore dangerous to the floor.

These were horrific conditions. The risk of injury was very high. I wonder if the president of the league would allow his team to play a match in such a situation,” said Pascal Degres, manager of Ostend.

In consultation, Ostend’s victory became a flat rate that could start the second part of his journey by bus. The cup holder was on the bus for seven hours on Saturday at a half-basket game… Monday will be followed by some medical check-ups for players who fell painfully on a slippery floor. (rpo)