March 25, 2023

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Our beer sommelier savors Internet phenomenon beer average Rob: "This tastes better than Jupiler" |  to eat

Our beer sommelier savors Internet phenomenon beer average Rob: “This tastes better than Jupiler” | to eat

At the beginning of this year, internet phenomenon Average Rob and two of her friends launched their very own beer: Tout Bien. The first edition was a huge success: 25,000 cans walked out the door in one day. Now beer is for sale in Delhaize. Is it affordable and drinkable as the makers promise? We had beer bartender Sofie Vanrafelghem doing a critical appraisal. “You don’t feel the intense flavors or the strong bitterness here.”

Launching a new pilsner in Belgium, where the pilsner still owns, requires you to own the balls. Average Rob was not deterred and called up Limburg Brewery Martens. This is one of the largest and most famous breweries in Belgium at the same time. Presumably you’ve already had a beer from them without even realizing it. After all, they also brew a lot for domestic and foreign supermarkets.

Anyway, it wasn’t a bad choice, because if there’s one beer style in which Martens excel, it’s beer. Martens Bells, for example, are delicious. Just like their beers, you shouldn’t expect pronounced flavors here, but quality. Decent thirst quencher too How can I sum up this Tout Bien Pils.


This beer is cheaper and tastes better than Jupiler or Stella Artois

Sophie Vanravelgam, beer seller

I noticed some fruity esters and floral notes in the nose. It is elevated in taste by the soft body with a refreshing character. This beer is delicious to drink. You will not experience any intense flavours, no strong bitterness and no dry, bitter aftertaste. This beer is exactly how it describes itself: a medium beer. But unlike some of our bestselling Belgian beers, no bitterness is felt here and the beer has an incredibly smooth sipping.

Will it compete with our top beers like Estaminet, Bavik Super Pils, Cristal and Artisanale Pils 13? far from. But is it better for me than many well-known beers such as Jupiler, Stella Artois, Carlsberg and Corona that you can find in the supermarket. In addition, it is also cheaper. In Delhaize you pay 7.89 euros for a six-pack of Jupiler or Carlsberg, while you can buy a six-pack (33 cl) of Tout Bien Pils for 5.95 euros.

Tout Bien Pils (0.99 € – 33 cl) is available at Delhaize

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