November 27, 2022

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Our war correspondent Robin Ramakers from the liberated city of Izgom: "A no-man's land where life is no longer possible" |  Ukraine and Russia war

Our war correspondent Robin Ramakers from the liberated city of Izgom: “A no-man’s land where life is no longer possible” | Ukraine and Russia war

Although the Ukrainian army has been able to retake a number of areas from the Russians in recent weeks, the Ukrainians are suffering great destruction even after the Russian army has withdrawn. For the residents of the northeastern province of Kharkiv, which until recently was under Russian control, among other things, despondency reigns. “Although people are feeling liberated, the area around Izhum has become a kind of no-man’s land, where life is no longer possible at the moment,” says our war correspondent Robin Ramakers.

“It’s awful here. “I can’t put it into words,” said one Rammaker. After months of missile attacks and bombing, the devastation in Kharkiv was complete. “They are monsters. They treated us really badly,” says Natalia, a resident of the now-abandoned village of Tobolsky. The Russians occupied the woman’s house and used it as a military base. “People no longer had homes, nothing more,” says Natalia.

Rebuilding is not an immediate option either, as there are no longer any building materials to be found. “We have nothing to rebuild. And winter is coming,” it seems desperate.

Putin’s defeat

Ramakers also confirm that the Ukrainians recapture the eastern city of Lyman today It entered a heavy defeat for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Lehman is very important from a strategic point of view. “It opens the way for the further restoration of the entire northern Donetsk province,” emphasizes the war correspondent.

However, the city also has a symbolic value. “Putin has already indicated in advance that the strategic axis must remain in Russia’s hands at all costs,” but that has now failed miserably.

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