December 8, 2022

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Overview. Corona numbers continue to decline, but 4 million cases of corona have been exceeded Corona Virus What you need to know

The number of corona infections, the number of hospital admissions, and the number of corona deaths are also declining further. This is evident from the preliminary figures from the Sciensano Health Institute. Meanwhile, the mark of 4 million cases of corona has been crossed in our country.

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Between April 12 and 18, daily rates were flat 6.011 New infections were detected, down a strong 30 percent on a weekly basis. In sum, since the beginning of the epidemic, 4,015,791 Covid cases have been reported. “A staggering 30 percent drop,” said Stephen van Gucht, head of the viral disease service at the Sciensano Health Institute. “Both COVID-19 and influenza are on the way. This trend has been boosted in part by the impact of the extended Easter holiday. Less testing is done on Easter Monday than on Classic Monday. However, we are also seeing a real decrease in infections among all ages and across all regions. interrupts,” says Van Gucht.

when we get daily numbers Look, see it last week Less corona infections every day recorded compared to the previous week. On Monday, April 18, the difference with the previous week was significant. That’s because Easter was a holiday and fewer people were getting tested.

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Please note: in fact, the number of new infections is estimated to be three to five times higher than the established figures.

to test

The number of tests also continued to drop to average 21221 per day, a decrease of 30 percent. During the entire pandemic, 33,456,470 Tests have been performed.

Positive ratio

Positive rate is still currently 33.2 percent† This is an increase by 2.1 percent compared to the previous week.

The number of reproduction decreases by 14 percent and the hours in 0.88which means that the epidemic is waning strongly.

Hospital stay

In the week of April 15-21, it was an average of every day 188 People with Covid-19 are in hospital, down 16 percent on a weekly basis. “Since this week, there has also been a clear decrease in hospital admissions. This eases the burden on hospitals a little bit, but it remains high,” says Stephen van Gucht.

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The summit From wave BA.2 tentatively set on March 31. Then 268 people were admitted. By comparison, wave BA.1 peaked on February 1st. Then in one day, 424 people were hospitalized.

The number of hospitalized patients decreased by 6 percent 2.950The number of patients in intensive care decreased by 16 percent to 154


On average, he dies every day 23 People from the effects of the virus, 4 percent less than the previous week. Since the beginning of the epidemic, our country has been preparing 31319 corona fatalities.


at Belgium You already have 9.235.047 People are definitely one first hit I got. 9.135,960 People Fully vaccinated7.120.848 Citizens already have booster boost I got.

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at Flanders You already have 5675.640 People (85.3%) definitely a first hit I got. 5628238 People (84.6 percent) Fully vaccinated4,683,891 Citizens (70.4 percent) already have booster boost I got.

No decision yet on spring vaccination for people over 80: discussion will continue next week