December 4, 2022

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Overwatch 2 Review - Conclusion

Overwatch 2 Review – Conclusion

I consider this over Overwatch 1.5 myself, which just got a major rework it should have been years ago. In general I am positive:

+ 5v5 offers more overview, 6v6 (with hurdles) was just a mess.
+ Refueling is now more fun. Much lower than cc and when you play tank you can now channel the beat more than part 1 (where you got pulled, stunned, tied up or hit every 2 seconds). Plus, in OW1 you were overly dependent on your other tank, which 95% of the time was Roadhog yoloing.
+ Pay instead of 2CP a golden opportunity. In 2CP you sometimes had matches that lasted 1.5 minutes because your team didn’t know what defense was or hit a wall for 5 minutes while attacking. Now you have a push that you can sometimes go back and forth for 10 minutes.
+ In OW1, the match is already lost in the hero selection screen. Now in 5v5 you have more control no matter what role you play.
+ The new scoreboard to replace the medals is really an added value. less toxic.

– Exciting waiting times. But it’s also about the player base that doesn’t want to play support.
– Unstable server in the first week and also errors for example regarding Bastion. If you’ve been working on this game for a long time, I expect you’ll be thinking about this.
– Modifications of some heroes do not come in a negative or positive sense. He likes the Doomfist as a tank, but is very weak. On the other hand, Orissa is too strong for my feeling.
– Game reports don’t add much

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As an OW1 player from the first hour, I’m glad we have new winds blowing through the game with OW2. OW1 has been consistent for 3-4 years in its development while eventually becoming a snooze fest. PvE is still coming, and if some heroes and matchmaking are a little more balanced you’ll get a great wmb game, which is F2P only.

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