July 24, 2024

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PAHO, Minister Ramadan join forces for malaria-free Caribbean – Suriname Herald

PAHO, Minister Ramadan join forces for malaria-free Caribbean – Suriname Herald

Minister of Health Ammar Ramadan recently chaired a meeting with representatives from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), including PWR, and experts such as Dr. Stephen Frieden of the Malaria Elimination Task Force. The meeting focused on discussing initiatives and strategies to advance malaria elimination at the regional level.

Collaboration extends to neighbouring countries such as French Guiana, Guyana and the northern states of Brazil, with the aim of developing a common approach to malaria elimination and improving health in the region. Suriname has made significant progress towards being certified as malaria-free, but remains vulnerable to imported cases from neighbouring countries.

The meeting discussed concrete strategies and action plans to accelerate malaria elimination and assessed the current situation in each country. These joint efforts aim not only to eliminate malaria, but also to lay a solid foundation for further regional health initiatives.

In the coming period, technical experts from the countries concerned will meet to discuss progress and develop further strategies for malaria elimination. After that, a ministerial-level meeting will be held to further refine and coordinate plans. PAHO will play an intermediary role to enhance cooperation and communication between countries.

In addition to malaria, the meeting also discussed the strategy for eliminating viral hepatitis, an area in which Frieden has done a lot of work. In the coming period, the ministry will support activities aimed at promoting the elimination of viral hepatitis.

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