June 8, 2023

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Palestinians hand over bullet that killed journalist to US for expertise

Palestinians hand over bullet that killed journalist to US for expertise

The Palestinian Authority has handed over the bullet that killed prominent American-Palestinian Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aghle in May to the United States. US investigators will conduct an examination of the bullet to determine whether the Israeli military is responsible.

Palestinian lawyer Akram al-Khatib announced this on Saturday.

According to Palestinian sources in Ramallah, the expertise will be carried out at the US embassy in Jerusalem. After the trial, the prosecutor said the bullet would be returned to the Palestinians.

Last week, the UN said an Israeli soldier had shot and killed an Al Jazeera journalist. They relied on research and information from the Israeli military and the Palestinian state attorney. According to the Israeli military, it is not possible to determine where the bullet came from. Tel Aviv says it can only conclude that the journalist was not shot deliberately.

On several occasions, the Israeli military called on the Palestinians to hand over the bullet in question for testing, but the Palestinians refused to do so.

The news comes less than two weeks before US President Joe Biden visits Israel and the West Bank on his first mission to the Middle East as president.

Abu Aqle was killed while reporting on an attack by the Israeli army in the occupied West Bank. She wore a bulletproof vest marked “Press” and a protective helmet.

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