PT-FRQ50 Projector Offers Incredible Creative Possibilities Using Panasonic Real-Time Tracking Projection Mapping Software

Panasonic has added a Quad Pixel Drive to 1-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE laser display technology to create a 5200-lumen PT-FRQ50 projector that meets the need for superior detail resolution in the enterprise and education market. In combination with the ET-SWR10 Real-Time Tracking Software Development Kit, it is possible to display in ultra-high resolution on fast-moving objects. Delivering smooth, detail-rich 4K (3840 x 2160) images and support for 240Hz/1080p frame rates with a minimum latency of under 8ms, the projector will be available this month.

The Panasonic PT-FRQ50 Projector is built when details really matter. Quad Pixel Drive, Panasonic’s quad pixel multiplexing technology, produces exceptional 4K images that maintain their natural sharpness and clarity. Fast 240Hz processing and narrow aperture ratio DMD deliver an impressively realistic feel, while reproducing the finest details and textures in smooth, grid-free images. Accurate colors are produced for realistic reproduction using Panasonic’s Rich Color Enhancer technology.

A versatile 2.0x zoom lens enables large image sizes in small spaces with flexible projection distances. Combined with a wide V/H lens shift (V: +71%, -48%, H: +34%, -27%), this provides more freedom to adjust projector location and image position. Geometry Manager Pro’s pre-activated upgrade kits enable automatic and simultaneous calibration of multiple monitors via the camera, as well as a comprehensive suite of software engineering tweaks and advanced masking capabilities.

The highly reliable, low-maintenance projector delivers up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free projection, while multiple monitoring and control software simplifies maintenance and optional early warning functions can prevent unexpected downtime.

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More models will be added to the series later this year.

For more information about PT-FRQ50:

Photo by Editor Baaz