September 26, 2023

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Park Thurn & Taxis Suddenly Younger: 'No, We Won't Customize It'

Park Thurn & Taxis Suddenly Younger: ‘No, We Won’t Customize It’

Thorne Park and taxis with a new fence cut part of the park. Anyone worried about the possible privatization of part of the park can rest assured. The fence was placed temporarily to block out the construction area of ​​the Park Lane real estate project.

Peter de Dorbel, COO of Extensa developer is immediately reassured: “If there are people who are worried that we will reduce the size of the park, it is by no means the intention.”

It is a temporary situation. Once the works on Park Lane – the residential area of ​​Thorn and taxis – and the ponds are completed, the fence will disappear and the space from Jubelfeestbrug to Havenlaan will become a green area. ”

safety perimeter

De Durpel acknowledges that this is a large area that is currently closed, but stresses the need for it.

We want a safe environment. So far we haven’t had any dispute cases or accidents. This is because we proceed with caution and occasionally check an area of ​​visitors, including children. After all, there is heavy transport through earthworks and concrete mixers. ” (Read more below the photo)


† Cyclists and pedestrians cross site traffic here. The lock forces vulnerable road users to look in the direction the traffic is coming from.

This freight traffic is linked to the second development phase of Park Lane, the residential part of the site next to Gare Maritime, which is under construction. “The existing lane has already been secured with a closure and we have now improved it so there is no conflict with the cyclist’s lane there.”

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A kind of chicane that forces cyclists and pedestrians to look in the direction the traffic is coming from. Additionally, we deploy a security guard during the critical phase of ground transportation. It can regulate traffic and avoid conflicts.”

Ponds and playground

Work is currently underway on a 3,500 square meter water project, which is scheduled to be completed before summer. “That would be a great moment,” de Dorbel looks forward. A survey we conducted of park visitors a few years ago showed that there was a strong demand for water in the park. There is still a little green space open to the water in Brussels.”

Let’s just hope it rains by the time the ponds open, because “we want to fill the ponds in a sustainable way. If necessary, we will look for a solution using the site’s pumped water, but this is of course in consultation with Brussels Environment, which tests the water quality.” (Read more below the photo)

Park Thorn and ponds taxi


† A 3,500 m² water area is being built between the (black) building of the Brussels Environment and the existing park of Thurn & Taxis.

“Once the works are completed, we will connect the pond with the rest of the garden with landscape architect Bas Smits. We also decided to go around tractor workshop To create a sandy area where children can play. It is already in use, but it has not yet been officially opened,” says de Dorbel.