June 5, 2023

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Participants without singing talent and an ‘uncontrollable’ candidate: headaches surrounding the Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands and France | music

musicThings are not going well with the Eurovision candidates from the Netherlands and France. Both countries are at their wits’ end. Last week, Dutch Eurovision duo Mia Nicolay and Dionne Cooper performed their first two shows. They were anything but flawless. The pair even sing so out of tune that fans are asking for a replacement. France is also wrong. For example, La Zarra, the Canadian singer who is going to represent the country, didn’t even show up for her concert. Not quite perfect as the Eurovision Song Contest approaches…

Mia Nicolay and Dionne Cooper are going to Liverpool for the Eurovision Song Contest in three weeks. The Dutch entry will compete with our compatriot Gustav, among others. Although the northern neighbors were no longer satisfied with the musical duo. Last week they performed their song “Burning Daylight” live in Madrid for the first time. So their first performance was immediately memorable, as the couple got so wrong. On Saturday evening, they performed at the Eurovision Gala in Amsterdam. Even there, the singers were unconvincing.

So social media has been very critical of Mia Nicolay and Dionne Cooper. “Can’t Mia and Dion call sick? Better excuse than acting on behalf of the Netherlands” and “You’re embarrassing your country. My neighbor’s hoarse and he sings a thousand times better” are just a few of the reactions. Eddie Owens, a two-time folk-singing competition Dutch singer, also struggled to enter the Netherlands. “Two inexperienced guys are allowed to sing in tune with hundreds of millions of ESF viewers. Not even a prayer will help anymore. I already feel used embarrassment.”

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Mia Nicolai and Dionne Cooper © ANP

According to some experience experts, Holland will likely not get the musical duo back on track for their Liverpool performance. “Nerves can hit your voice. This mental part is often underestimated in my opinion. Talent scout Basja Chanowski tells M.T. Vocal coach Lucia Ciobotaro agrees: “They sing like they used to, and you can’t edit that out in three weeks. Singing live takes thousands of hours of work, you just know that if you’re a singer.” Things are not going well, as opera singer Francis van Bruckhuizen thinks. “They don’t have a good diction and they don’t sing well. To do that, you need years of study,” it sounds like in “M.”


Things are not looking so rosy in France either. Last Saturday, the French entry canceled its Eurovision in Concert show in Amsterdam at the last minute. On Tuesday, La Zarra also missed the Eurovision Song Contest pre-concert in London. The Canadian singer said on her social media that she “needs a rest to deal with these difficult times.” It is not entirely clear what difficult times you are talking about.

There are some rumors circulating in the French media about what is going on with La Zara. For example, the reason for its absence may be problems with the voice. The singer reportedly told Le Parisien, a French newspaper, that she had lost her voice for at least six months, and that it only came back a month ago. On Instagram, she previously attacked the hotel she stayed in in Amsterdam, because the hotel room wasn’t the best environment for her voice. “I really love you so much, but I sleep in a room that smells like mold while you have a voice as sweet as I do…”

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not Zara
not Zara © Photo News

Moreover, the French participant also admitted to “Le Parisien” that she had many emotional highs and lows in the run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest. “One day I tell myself I’m going to win, and the next it’s just too much.” Because of this statement, many are wondering about the emotional state of the singer. The French newspaper also spoke to an old acquaintance of the Eurovision candidate about her mental state. According to the insider, La Zarra acts like a diva. “I really anticipated this whole series of problems with La Zarra. She was sometimes unmanageable by the previous managers, who just don’t have good memories of her.”

look. Gustav defends our country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

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