June 5, 2023

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Partner Message – Is it time for the weekend on your mind?

If you want to experience what meditation does for your consciousness, you’ve come to the right place. From moments of silence and attention to whatever you naturally carry with you, you learn to feel what feels good to you. This weekend getaway will help you get out of a dead end. The facilitator gives you practical insights into recognizing the feelings within you. Experiment with how you can handle all the stimuli in your daily life from a quiet place.

If you think every day: “I have so much to do, it goes on and on, when can I finally find some peace for myself?” Then you are in the right place with this weekend getaway. Even if you ask yourself how do you approach your true feelings. This retreat will help you put the constant mental chatter in your head.

You need peace in all of your thoughts and you want to discover how you can begin to bring that into your daily life.

A very dedicated Zen teacher guides this resort. Zen teacher and instructor Winniki Packer is qualified and began her education at the Zen Institute under the direction of Zen Master Rentals Ratsics. Your teacher goes about daily life with the attentiveness of a free mind, and is located in the center of society. This is why your teacher knows how difficult everyday life can be.

Wieneke has led many retreats and participated in many abroad. She graduated in Supervising Internal Change Processes and holds a certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Enneagram, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness Coach, and Zen Teacher, among others. For over twenty years you have been coaching and coaching people in all their diversity, weaknesses and strengths. It gives you space to be free; Unique, with your own qualities, talents, pitfalls, and motivations. Recurring themes of Wieneke’s personal support are: awareness, balance, and inspiration. It brings you confidence and peace and returns your strength.

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