October 4, 2023

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Paul Van Gorkum, the voice behind Gargamel, retires: “Time to say goodbye” |  HLN’s Instagram

Paul Van Gorkum, the voice behind Gargamel, retires: “Time to say goodbye” | HLN’s Instagram

showbizPaul van Gorkum’s retirement. The Dutch voice actor announced last Friday, on his 89th birthday, that his health could no longer allow for a life in the spotlight. Van Gorkum, who in his lifetime gave, among other things, the voice of Gargamel from “The Smurfs,” will continue to do voice work. It also does not exclude small offers.

The actor has been on stage since he was a teenager and has appeared in dozens of movies and TV series. Van Gorkum played the Baron in “Bassie & Adriaan”, among others. He also became known as a voice actor in The Smurfs and several Disney films. He is also the voice of the 1898 Baron attraction in Efteling.

Van Gorkum told ANP that he looks back on “a very impressive career and an amazing life.” The voice actor can’t name the real highlights. Every actor gets this question, but it can’t actually be answered. As an actor, you don’t have favorite roles. On stage, even the smallest part counts and I don’t think to myself: Wow, you really did a great job. I look back with a very satisfied feeling.”

Young and inexperienced

For example, Van Gorkum thinks fondly of his first steps in the theatre. “I was 17 then and still young and inexperienced. I still had to climb, but it was a great time. We had to paint ourselves and make our own wigs. That is.” However, the time has gradually come for the actor to say goodbye.

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“I’m 89, I’m just an old man. It’s not like that the roles are there for the taking and that I just jump with joy to be on stage.” Although he continues to do dubbing with love. “You remain an actor in heart and soul.” The actor also had some fitting “final” words for his fans. He repeated the Baron’s famous line: “Dumb, dumbbell, dumbbell.”

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