July 21, 2024

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Pauline burst into tears after asking the bride Bo in Echte Gooische Moeders |  RTL Street

Pauline burst into tears after asking the bride Bo in Echte Gooische Moeders | RTL Street

Viewers Real Gooische mothers She has already witnessed Bo’s search for her wedding dress in recent episodes. Witnesses are also indispensable at the wedding. She gave this honor to her best friend. Bo made it an emotional moment with her best friend, as Gooische’s moms couldn’t keep her dry.

When Beau rings Pauline’s doorbell, the still-unknown witness is clearly surprised. Even when she opens the golden box containing a bottle of champagne and a letter inside, none of it rings Wedding bell bell. “Our paths do not cross every day, but that is not important for a strong friendship,” Pauline begins to read the letter.

“I know one thing for sure: There is no one with whom I feel as comfortable as you and there is no one with whom I can be as I was with you. You are very important to me and I would not be without you I would also like to ask you one important question…” even before you read This question, Pauline shouted: “No! No…no…no really?!”

Bo and Pauline have been friends for years, although they haven’t spoken to each other in a while due to a problem between them. As a result, Bo was not present at Pauline’s wedding, which was unthinkable for them now. “I didn’t see it coming that way,” Pauline says gleefully about the witness request. “Ah, but you know how important you are to me,” Bo replies. Pauline sees one disadvantage of this major role at the wedding: “Now I have to make a speech.”

Interestingly, Pauline, Leslie, Florin, and Kimberly were among the biggest absentees at Beau’s bachelor party. She explains why:

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