February 8, 2023

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Pele replies on Instagram: “I am strong. Keep calm, follow my treatment as usual” | Football

Pele replies on Instagram: “I am strong. Keep calm, follow my treatment as usual” | Football

footballBrazil is holding its breath. Pele, 82, who is battling cancer, was transferred to the palliative care department a few days after his admission to the hospital. Brazilian media reported this. Pele himself responded on Instagram: “I feel strong and have a lot of hope.”

a look. Pele celebrated his 80th birthday two years ago

Alarm bells rang in Brazil on Tuesday. Several media have reported that Edson Arantes do Nascimento – better known as Pelé – has been unexpectedly admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo. His wife Marcia Aoki and his regular carer didn’t want to take any chances when the “King of Soccer” showed “general swelling all over his body,” according to ESPN Brasil news channel. There was talk of heart problems and Pele was mentally confused. Chemotherapy will not work optimally.

And that was during the World Cup, the stage in which he shone the most. Pele, who played for Santos and the New York Cosmos on the basis of the club, led the Selecao to three World Cup finals in 1958, 1962 and 1970. Does his condition relate to the Divine Canaries? They couldn’t cheer him up on Friday – Brazil lost 1-0 to Cameroon. A sixth world title remains a possibility, with Brazil advancing to the next round as group winners.

Now, the panic in the Brazilian media immediately tried to calm down his daughter Kelly. “A lot has been written about my dad’s health. He’s already in the hospital,” she said on Instagram. But there’s no emergency. No bad news. I’ll be with dad for the new year and post pictures. Thanks for the support.” The hospital also reported that his condition is stable. “We are currently reviewing his chemotherapy. Admission to intensive care is not necessary.” However, on Saturday news came from Brazil that Pele had been transferred to palliative care, a ward reserved for patients without treatment. His body no longer responds to the cancer treatment.

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Brazilian fans honored their legend with a big banner during the match against Cameroon on Friday. ©AP

In any case, the health of a footballer – if not the best – remains a major concern. Pele has been in the narrow lane for years. Read about what he’s had to contend with in the past decade: hip surgery, acute stomach problems, urinary tract infections and kidney stones, prostate surgery, hospitalization after fatigue and colon cancer. A laundry list – how the hell was it worth it? The once brilliant Brazilian soccer player has lost his grace. He’s weak. After many diseases and medical problems, he has been fighting colon cancer since September 2021, and it is the fiercest opponent of his life. Then the tumor was surgically removed, but it was not treated. Since then he has undergone several chemotherapy treatments and ended up in the hospital more and more often.

Nevertheless, Pele – at least towards the outside world – is always smiling. Eternal positive. Watch the hopeful messages he posts on Instagram. Over a month ago, on October 23, he celebrated his 82nd birthday with family and friends. Looking happy, but also obviously getting old in a short time, he took a group photo. “It’s so great to be able to get a hug from all of you after the corona pandemic.” He also sent a video to the world. “Being able to live to the age of 82 is a gift from God. I hope we can be together in this world for a long time.” When false news spread about his health last summer, he replied, “Don’t worry, I won this game.” And he adds, in the caption of a photo with his wife: “It’s a tough battle. Love is the best medicine.”

On Saturday night, Pele responded on Instagram. “My friends, I want everyone to remain calm and positive. I am strong and have great hope and continue with my treatment as usual. I would like to thank the entire medical and nursing team for all the care I have received. I have great faith in God and every message of love I receive from you around the world energizes me. And also watching Brazil in a cup World!Thanks for everything.

Kylian Mbappe called on Twitter to “pray for the king”. We can just join in on that.

Overview – Pele has been on Popsicle Street for a while

Pele was hospitalized in Paris after developing a bladder infection. A week later, the soccer legend, who only has one kidney, feels well enough to return to Brazil. After further investigation, it was revealed that he was suffering from kidney stones. He is undergoing surgery on his urethra.

During a routine cardiovascular examination, a polyp was found in the colon. A week later, surgery to remove the tumor follows. Pele will remain in intensive care for a few days and then chemotherapy will follow. “I will enter this contest with a smile and optimism,” he wrote on Instagram. He will be released from the hospital at the end of September.

The Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo reported that Pele was reintroduced. His condition is stable, but he needs extra care. Pele replied, “Don’t worry, I’m just getting ready for the holidays.” After his last chemotherapy, he can go home on December 23, just before Christmas.

Cancer is not the only thing that affects Pele. In February of this year, he was hospitalized again due to a urinary tract infection. He was fired after two weeks. He has recovered from his infection. “He is medically stable,” the hospital said.

Not an emergency this time. As announced in advance Pele spends several days in the hospital for his ongoing cancer treatment. Soon he returns home.

Brazilian media reported that Pele is not doing well, back in hospital. ESPN writes that his cancer treatment won’t work. Kelly’s daughter tries to reassure everyone. “There is no emergency.”