December 1, 2022

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Pete Davidson In Talks To Go To Space About Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin

Pete Davidson In Talks To Go To Space About Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin

When people say Pete Davidson A rising star, you can take that literally – the guy is talking to him Jeff Bezos About the explosion of the Blue Origin spaceship!

TMZ has confirmed that the ‘SNL’ star is in serious talks with Bezos about becoming the new astronaut.

If you know anything about Pete, he’s been craving a ticket to space for years. TMZ insiders say… that talks have been going on between Bezos and Davidson for some time now.

Remember when we saw Pete and his friend Kim kardashian, on the way to the Beef Hills area for the Amazon founder in January. the couple It was dinner time with Jeff and Lauren Sanchez Our sources say that the topic of conversation about the meal was Pete’s going to space in the Blue Origin New Shepard’s space.

We’ve been told that Pete and Jeff’s reps are working on the details, and while this isn’t a foregone conclusion, we’re told it’s very likely. Our sources say if they come to an agreement, Pete will start sometime this year.

Page 6 He was the first to publish the story.

Fun fact: Pete got his closest to being in spaceflight when he played his famous Chadian character on the SNL sitcom last May…then… Elon Musk Host.

Elon and Jeff are famous competitors in the billionaire space race, so you have to wonder if it was this sitcom that prompted Bezos to include Pete on his team.