July 16, 2024

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Peter Van de Veire has started researching the Netherlands in a new programme

Peter Van de Veire has started researching the Netherlands in a new programme

In “De Cooke & Verhulst show” Peter Van de Veire announced an amazing mission on Monday evening (49): in order to coordinate the Dutch game “Invasion”, he hunts down the famous Dutch who are invading our country. Every six million Fleming can help in their trap. “Here’s a call: Call a Dutchman, let him in. And let us know.”

Dennis van Goethe

he met WheelAnd Big brother And his radio show on MNM was already full of Peter Van de Veire’s hands. But it won’t stop him from taking on another tough job next week. For Dutch formatting online the invasion, of the NPO3 TV channel, competes with a team of ten Dutch celebrities.

“They will invade our country next Monday, when the sun rises,” says van de Veer. Show De Cooke & Verhulst on Play4. “Because they think they are better than the Belgians. They get all sorts of quests for which they can earn pieces of cloth. They make a flag for that.” When the science is complete, the conquest is a reality.

“These tasks should show that the Dutch are better, funnier and more beautiful than the Belgians,” explains Van de Veire. “For example: Enter a department store and empty the shelf of Belgian beer. Replace it with a better Dutch beer.”

A band of six million

Who the Dutch opponents are is still a secret at the moment. Van de Veire’s job is to stop them. To do this, he hired four well-known Flemish people: Kat Kirkhoffs, Sage de Donker, Slungs Devanong and William Boeva.

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“I run them, they can do the work,” Van de Veire says. “Our BVs are looking for these Dutch. But it is important: all Flemish can help. The Dutch come here for a week. They need help: they are looking for a place to sleep and eat … So they ring the doorbell somewhere. People are free to let them to come in, but they must notify us. So we can catch them.”

the invasion Kicks off on Monday, October 18th at 8am. Van de Veer is confident of achieving a good result for his Flemish team. We must be able to handle it. We are six million Flemish. So you must surely succeed.” Van de Veer concluded on his appeal: “If a Dutchman rings the doorbell, or you see him go around: just do it. But let’s know.”