December 5, 2023

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Pharmacists may administer corona vaccine to adults |  Corona virus what you need to know

Pharmacists may administer corona vaccine to adults | Corona virus what you need to know

Vandenbrooke clarified in the House of Representatives last week that the bill in question regulates the right of pharmacists to prescribe and administer vaccines against the coronavirus. This was actually a recommendation from last year’s immunization task force: Pharmacists are accessible health professionals, are well positioned to advise people, are present across the country and thus can play a role in increasing immunization coverage, according to Vooruit. Deputy Prime Minister.

The draft regulates vaccination only for adult patients and for the Covid-19 virus. It is not intended to extend this to other vaccines, such as the influenza vaccine. Vandenbroek explained that the text also had nothing to do with a possible abolition of vaccination centres. He said that this had not yet been discussed in the immunization working group and at the joint ministerial conference.

Pharmacists will be properly compensated for administering the vaccines, but this is still under discussion with the federal states. Vandenbroek cautioned against wanting a full refund from federal health insurance. Training for pharmacists is also provided.

The Belgian Association of Doctors Unions opposes vaccination against Corona by pharmacists, because vaccination can only be done by doctors or nurses. According to Vandenbroucke, there is no competition between the two professions. “In other countries we see it leads to increased vaccination rates, and GPs are putting more vaccines on it.”

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